Product Review: Essence Of Beauty Blending Sponge

The #1 rule to getting flawless makeup application is to blend blend blend! Having the proper blending tools is essential in accomplishing this task.

Essence of Beauty makes a really good blending sponge that’s very affordable and functional.  The larger end will help with overall blending, while the pointed end helps get underneath the eyes really well.  I like that its infused with vitamin E, which is good for the skin.  I suggest that you wet the sponge prior to using it because if try to use it while try, it will simple soak up all of your makeup…after all, it is a sponge!  Get it pretty wet and squeeze out any access water and your ready to use it for applying liquid or cream foundations and/or concealer.


Cost – $4.99 | Where To Buy:  CVS



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My Two Cents:

This is a really good product at a great price! A must buy!
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