Look For Less: Can’t Get Enough Of J.Crew Stripes!


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Gayle Spannaus, the style director for J.Crew, is a girl after my own heart!  She says, “For me, strips are a neutral—I pair them with everything.”  Gayle, you and I both!  There is just something about stripes that are fashionably and visually pleasing with any mix of pattern, texture or print.  I have to admit that I go a little nuts with stripes and my closet sometimes gets over run with them and I have to give things away!

I love J.Crew to pieces but the Crew can sometimes be a little spendy. If  J.Crew isn’t in your spending budget, I found some alternatives that are a little easier on the wallet, with the exception of that awesome clutch!  Couldn’t find a dupe for that one, so you’re just gunna have to treat yourself with the Havana clutch :)

Look For Less

[From left to right; $35, Bardot.com.au; $25, Ambercombie.com; $7.99, Oldnave.gap.com]

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  1. I have three of the Old Navy tops ( two stripes and a solid), I think they are a great addition to any wardrobe.

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