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I am constantly updating my hair routine according to my hair’s needs. Along with taking vitamins, I have adopted a regular care regimen.  I sometimes alter the regimen a bit as far as schedule or products that I use, but I always stick to some type of regimen.

My hair has been healthier than it’s been a long time.  I attribute it’s health to the following process that I follow religiously!

Hair Routine:

  1. Take a daily vitamin along with additional iron & vitamin D (the iron  vitamin D were doctor ordered.)
  2. Wash hair once every 2 weeks.
      (Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention shampoo.)
  3. Deep condition at every wash.
      (Co-wash, Suave Almond & Shea Butter; Deep condition, Biolage by Matrix Conditioning Balm; Leave In, Curls Defining Creme.)
  4. Protein treatment every 2 to 4 weeks depending on hair’s condition.
      (Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructor)
  5. Protective styling 5 to 7 days a week.

Some of you may be saying, “YUCK! You only wash your hair  every 2 weeks???”  I know, I know.  I started washing it once a week and my hair just didn’t seem to be responding well with this much manipulation, so I started washing it less.  Sometimes I wash at a week and a half, but most of the time,  it’s at the 2 week mark.  My hair isn’t stinky or excessively dirty because I wear my hair in protective styling a majority of the time.  I also wear lots of hair wraps so my hair is protective from the elements.

I was experiencing lots of shedding and breakage until I started taking my vitamins, iron and vitamin D and using Nexxus Emergencee treatments.  The combination of these two, nipped my excessive shedding and breakage in the bud!  With those issues behind me, it’s just been about taking good care of my hair.

  • During  co-washing my hair, I detangle.  I then put my hair into 4 large twists for the remainder of the process.
  • I then apply the Nexxus Emergencee protein treatment and use as instructed.  I wash the product from my hair with shampoo and deep condition with conditioner and a coating of amla or olive oil. Leaving the deep condition in for 30 min. or more.
  • After rinsing the conditioner from my hair, I allow it to air dry until it’s damp.  I then apply a leave in conditioner and some type of sealant.
  • I then blow dry my hair using a comb attachment with large teeth.  Next, I put my  hair into a protective style for the week.
  • I check my hair throughout the week to make sure to moisturize and re-seal it if it feels dry.

That’s my routine in a nutshell!  If you’re looking to try a new routine that’s simple and that will appease the minimalist in you, this might work for you.

What’s your current routine?  What are some of your favorite products?




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  1. Tonya


    Sometimes , it’s all about the hair, I must say…..lol. Good hair tips. I’m in support of washing hair once every two weeks, unless, you’re perspiring aLOT on a daily basis.


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