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Chances are that if you wore it to the club, it is not appropriate for a business casual work environment. There’s also the other side of the spectrum, where if you wore it while gardening or house cleaning, it’s probably not appropriate either.   Believe it or not, your appearance has a lot to do with how you are perceived as an employee.  It  can also determine whether or not you get that promotion that you’ve been wanting.  Your employer may not consult with you when you’re wearing inappropriate work attire, but you better believe that they are making a mental note of how you represent yourself and the company.

It’s true that some employers may not have taken the time to educate the employees on what business casual means for its company, nor do they enforce it.  This does an disservice to employees that may be hard workers but get looked over for promotions due to appearance.  The following tips will give you some Do’s and Don’ts to business casual wear.

Lets first start off with some general basics; avoid clothing with: holes, stains, that are dirty, ill-fitting, or with trendy washes, ie. stoned washes, faded washed, acid wash, etc.


  • Do wear a nice fitted shirt with a cardigan, blazer, sweater or other sleeved shirt.
  • Don’t wear spaghetti straps or shirts that are so fitted that your boobs brim over the top.  As impressive as your girls may be, they shouldn’t been seen at the work place.
  • Do wear vibrant colors and/or patterned tops.
  • Don’t wear printed t-shirts, shirts with brand labels plastered all over them, or tops with inappropriate gestures.
  • Do wear tops that are hip length or longer.
  • Don’t wear tops that expose any mid drift.   Even if you’ve been working on your abs for months at the gym, the workplace is not where you show them off.


  • Do wear fitted skirts.
  • Don’t wear a skirt that are so tight that it’s nearly bursting at the seams.
  • Do wear skirts that are just slightly above the knee or longer.
  • Don’t wear skirts that are anywhere near your thighs, or even worse, short enough that your buttocks are threatening a reveal.
  • Do wear basic and bold print skirts for fun.
  • Don’t wear sequins or glittery skirts to work.  These are best worn at places they were intended for, like parties and evenings out.


  • Do wear a pair of nice fitting jeans.
  • Don’t wear a pair of jeans that are so tight that you had to lie on your back on the bed to squeeze into them. Save those for date night :)
  • Do wear basic color jeans, ie. blue, black, white.
  • Don’t wear jeans that have fancy washes, brand names or huge colorful designs plastered on the pockets.
  • Do wear relaxed fitting jeans.
  • Don’t wear jeans that have rips, holes, or any type of tears.  Although Brandy looks fashionable and cute above, this is hardly work appropriate.


  • Do wear comfortable heels or flats that are stylish.
  • Don’t wear the sexy stilettos that you wore to the club the night before.  Leave the shoes that are over 4 inches high at home.
  • Do wear stylish shoes that fit current trends.
  • Don’t go overboard with busy colors and patters or hardware.  Simple and chic is the goal.
  • Do wear stylish boots for work that are below the knee or shorter.
  • Don’t wear thigh high boots, hiking boots, running shoes or any other type of shoe that is intended for sports or manual labor.  Unless you hiked a mile before work and intend on changing shoes as soon as you get in, leave these babies on the trail.

The key to business casual attire is to wear fashionable, but slightly understated clothing.  You want to look great, but you don’t want to stand out too much.  These are just some basic guidelines that may or may not apply to your workplace. If you are an offender of a few of these don’ts, don’t be ashamed!  We’ve all worn something to work at some point that was totally inappropriate!  Now that you know, you can make a few minor wardrobe adjustments and go on to plan your takeover of the company!  Ha ha!



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