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Today’s Recipe is submitted by Colleen Eakins, AKA, NaturalArtMaven. She’s from Houston, Texas, but now lives in Atlanta, GA.  To get more recipes, DIY projects, natural haircare and more, check out Colleen at NaturalArtMaven.com!

Now, lets get to her delicious Fresh Spring Rolls:


-Spring Roll Wrappers (Rice Paper)
-Bagged Shredded Coleslaw
-Fresh Basil Leaves
-Green Onion

For the Sauce:

-Peanuts(or peanut butter)
-Coconut milk
-Red chili paste


1.  Chop up the basil leaves and green onions.  I use kitchen scissors to cut slivers off of the leaves and to cut the green onions.  I find that to be easier.

2.  Cut up the avocado into small chunks.  I cut the avocado in half lengthwise and make horizontal and vertical cuts with a knife on each half (after removing the seed) like a tic tac toe board.  Be careful not to pierce the skin.  Then I take a spoon and scoop out the pieces from the skin.  Easy peasy.

3.  Now that all of the prep is done, it’s time to put it all together.  I take one rice paper wrapper and run it under warm water to soften it.  Once it is soft, I lay it on my cutting board and place a small handful of the shredded coleslaw in the middle.  Next I add the basil, green onions and avocado.  Finally, I fold the ends over and roll kinda like a burrito.   I don’t have Done!

4.  I don’t have measurements for the sauce, but basically I grind peanuts in coffee grinder and heat in sauce pan with coconut milk, red chili paste and a little salt

You can make variations on this recipe adding other fresh ingredients.  My mom adds rice noodles to hers.

I love this recipe because it is simple, quick to prepare and healthy.  The ingredients are all low cost as well.  I love eating healthy for the low.  :)

Thank you Colleen for sharing your Fresh Spring Roll recipe with us!  This is my kind of meal, affordable, easy to prepare and healthy! Again, be sure to visit Colleen at her blog NaturalArtMaven.com





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