How To Get A Super Defined Twist-Out!

I absolutely love the end result of this twist-out.  The funny thing is that I never intended it to be a twist-out. I twisted my hair into about 30 small twists to give myself a break from doing my hair.  I left the twists in for 3 days and when I took them out, the definition of the twists looked awesome!

How To:

  • After washing,  conditioning  and moisturizing your hair, allow it to air dry overnight in 4 or 6 large twists.
  • Work with one section at a time.  Take a section down and twist it into smaller twists that are about 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. wide.
  • After your hair is twisted, style it as usual and make sure to moisturize it as needed (this is daily for me)
  • After the second or third day, gently take your twists down, being careful not to separate the twists too much or it will frizz.
  • Apply a little of your favorite oil, fluff a little and that is it!

Products I used: Shampoo - Creme of Nature, Conditioner - Queen Helene Royal Curl, Leave-in - Giovanni Direct, Oil Castor/jojoba/coconut blend.

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  1. Great tips! I tried a twist out one day and failed miserably! This technique should work for me.~

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