Home Remedy For Dry Callused Feet

With sandal weather upon us, having callused areas on your feet can be embarrassing. Calluses are our skins defense mechanism. When we wear uncomfortable shoes or shoes that cause undue friction over the same area for a long period of time, that action tells the body to make that area of the skin a bit tougher to protect the skin.  If you’ve mistreated your feet and now you’re paying the price with calluses, don’t you worry!  I’m gunna tell you how to get those feet looking and feeling brand new!


What To Do:

  1. This should be done at night, before bed.  Soak your feet in a bowl filled with equal parts of warm water and milk for 5 minutes or so.  The lactic acid in the milk with assist in removing build up of dead skin.
  2. Remove your feet and rinse them with warm water.  With a wet pumice stone, gently rub the hard areas until they are soft.  Don’t get overzealous with the pumice stone, because you don’t want to injure the skin.
  3. After pumicing, rinse your feet again with warm water and pat them dry.  Immediately after, apply a generous amount of an extremely moisturizing lotion.  Products that contain urea can assist further with removing dead skin.  You can also use petroleum Jelly.  I personally like petroleum jelly or Eucerin lotion.  Use a liberal amount on the hardened areas.
  4. Pull on a pair of cotton socks and don’t take them off until the morning.  This part is a little hard for me because I HATE wearing socks to bed, but it is worth the results I get.
  5. Repeat this process nightly until your feet are soft again. Once they are soft, you can continue the soaking regimen, however you should only need the pumice stone every 1 to 2 weeks.

If you continue to take care of your feet in this manner, you will never have to worry about hard, cracked or dry heels again!




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