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Lace Front wig

Lace front wigs have become extremely popular.  Not only celebrities, but everyday people are wearing this hot hair accessory.  Wigs allow you to go from short to long, and from blond to black without one single hair on your own head ever being disturbed. For some, this means giving your hair a much needed break from over-processing and over-styling.  Some individuals suffer from hair loss issues and wigs help them to cope with this situation.  While wigs can be a nice way of changing up your style without committing to any extreme changes to your own hair, they can also be very damaging if not installed properly.  For whatever reason you choose to wear wig, you should first take into consideration a few things prior to purchasing and/or installing a lace front unit:

- Is the unit you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer?
Do your research! I’ve heard too many stories of purchases where the hair of the unit shed really bad, the hair didn’t fall naturally, or the lace made it difficult for installation.  So, check around before you buy because typically, wigs cannot be returned or exchanged.

-Prior to application is my own hair washed, deep conditioned and moisturized?
Be sure to prepare your hair prior to installing the unit. Give you hair a good washing and deep condition. Since wigs can drawl the moisture from your hair, make sure you moisturize your hair and oil your scalp.

-Should I cornrow or wrap my hair underneath?
Both methods are used, but I would recommend cornrowing your hair, because cornrows provide your hair with a little bit more protection and prevent free falling hairs from getting tangled in stocking caps or wig netting.

-Should I apply the unit directly over my head
You should never apply the unit directly to your head. The traction from the unit can cause thinning and/or hair loss.  You should always place a stocking or wig cap over your own hair prior to applying the unit.

-Should I use glue or tape to secure the unit?
I wouldn’t recommend using either.  The glue and tape can sometimes adhere to your own hair and cause breakage or thinning.  I would recommend that you use the combs and clips that the unit comes with.  If you prefer the glue or tape, I suggest that you be very mindful of the application.  Try to completely avoid getting glue on any hairs from your hairline.

-How long should I wear it?
Typically, a good wig can last about a year if taken care of properly, however when wearing one, you should take the wig off as often as possible.  If you’re at home and it’s possible, take it off and let your hair breathe.  Some people sleep in their wigs, but again I recommend that you take it off as often as possible. So,  if you don’t use the adhesive method, this would be a feasible option for bedtime.  If you do use glue or tape, this may not be a reasonable option for you. Some glue last anywhere from 1 day,  to 6 to 8 weeks.  If you’re wearing the unit for an extended period of time, I’d suggest that upon removal, you allow your hair a break for at least one full day if not longer.

-What should I do with my own hair underneath?
You should continue with your normal haircare regimen.  Washing and conditioning you hair weekly is recommended.  Try not to exceed 10 days.  It’s important to keep your own hair conditioned and moisturized.  Wigs can sap the moisture right out of your hair and leave your hair extremely dry and weak.  For those who might wear the unit for an extended period of time, you may find it beneficial to do deep conditioning and hot oil treatments upon removal to help with moisture loss.

-How do I remove the unit?
If you use glue or tape to secure the unit, you should use a glue remover to help dissolve the glue.  This will minimize possible damage to your hairline.  Make sure you purchase some when you purchase your unit.

*Tip Don’t pull and tug on the unit once it’s installed so as to prevent traction and pulling of your own hair.  Don’t allow the unit to become saturated in water while you’re wearing it, to prevent mildew from growing.
If you currently wear lace fronts or are a stylist or salon owner and would like to add a few things I missed,   please do!  I’d love to hear from you!  Let’s help eachother to achieve diva status, while keeping our own hair health



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